How to Solve Poor Performance

If you feel poor performance when using MEmu, it’s absolutely abnormal because MEmu is most powerful Android Emulator in this world. 😉

In fact, there are five possible reasons.

  1. You are using an very outdated computer, maybe five years ago or even older, like Intel Pentium, Celeron or Atom serial processor with less than 2GB memory.
    [Solution: You deserved a better computer, check system requirements.]
  2. The hardware virtualization feature is not enabled or conflicted on your computer.
    [Solution: You can try to enable/fix it. Enable VT or Solve VT Conflict]
  3. You have installed too many apps in a single VM, which makes the performance worse.
    [Solution: Create a new VM with Multi-MEmu if you have more 30 apps installed.]
  4. Some antivirus or security software is not in favor of emulator software very much, like 360 or bit-defender. As far as I know, some installation failures are also caused by such kind of software.
    [Solution: Turn off these software completely and try with MEmu again.]
  5. Some other antivirus software like AVAST and/or AVG by default enable “Hardware assisted virtualization” that means they are exclusively using some CPU-cores, too.
    [Solution: You have to disable this feature in mentioned AV-programs’ settings.]


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