Smart Key – AI Buttons Detection

After years of exploration of the frontier technology, MEmu Dev professionals have adopted the most advanced image detection algorithms on our emulator – Smart Key.

1. What is smart key mapping?

The smart F button means that the system intelligently recognizes different scenes (on board, get off, open the door, and squat equipment), and puts the F button intelligently in the corresponding position.

For example, when the backpack Tab, the map M, and the game setting Esc button are clicked, the mouse pointer is automatically released. Clicking on number keys to use your weapons or items, and adjusting your map magnification or weapon scope by scrolling the mouse wheel.

2. How beneficial is it to our players?

All scenes only need to be familiar with only a few commonly used buttons and mouse on the keyboard to perfectly cover. Compared with the traditional button mapping, the control experience and the use efficiency are greatly improved.

The smart key works well in FPS games especially, and there are no more button prints shown all over the screen. You can also release yourself from memorizing all of your customized keys for different locations.

3. Which games are supported to use smart key mapping?

Currently our smart key function is supported on these games: Call of Duty, PUBG, PUBG Lite, Free Fire, Life After, and Brawl Stars.

More games will be supported in the future. Please follow our Facebook Page for future updates.

FAQ for Smart Key:

(1): Can I modify some of smart keys?

Smart keys can be modified freely, but if conflict between two keys (same number) the first time switch keys you’ll get a hint, if continue the number of keys will reversal. If you set a blank single key then add the number which is already exist, you will get the same hint. The number will reversal after confirmed.

(2): What if the in-game perspective cannot be moved or the view angle is stuck?

If you are unable to move the angle of view or the angle of view is stuck after hiding the mouse, please use “~” to call out the mouse, then use “~” to hide the mouse again.

(You may try different keys such as “Ctrl” or “F1” since the key is different in certain games)

(3): My default button has been modified. How to restore to the initial button mode?

Open the smart key menu and click on the icon in the image below.


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