MEmu 3.0.7 is Released!

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Please visit to download the latest MEmu
md5: 2b737bf0387c65998e860b7553f4083b


Change Log:

  • New logo
  • New installation package with overwrite install support
  • Switch to Android 4.4 as default and Android 5.1 is optional to download
  • Add widget tool, like cleanup memory, weather forecast, change wallpaper, etc.
  • Add message box
  • Add support to keymapping for MOBA game, like Penta Storm and Realm of Valor
  • Add support to keymapping pre-setting
  • Add support to customize tool bar
  • Add support to record audio
  • Improve the compatibility with Context3D games
  • Improve the compatibility with old AMD CPUs
  • Improve the graphic quality of unreal4 engine games
  • Improve the input method for some languages
  • Improve shortcut keys, like boss key
  • Update Google apps
  • Fix some tiny bugs


– It might take a while to install if you have multiple instances to overwrite.
– You may download Android 5.1 ova in MEmuConsole.exe as below.

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