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You are a lone wolf in a 6.4 square kilometer battle royale arena. 100 warriors parachute into the battlefield, but only 1 can walk out alive! 100 players are scattered across a 6400m*6400m deserted area. Search abandoned houses and industrial zones for weapons and items, fight off enemy players, and claim victory. Remember, the last player standing wins it all. There are a variety of weapons, accessories, medicines and military vehicles for you to choose from. Collect, select and equip. With so many different equipment combinations, there are countless ways to win.

Knives Out on PC

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Knives Out on PC

  1. The game is now officially available to all countries from November 14th 2017. You can download now from Google Play and iTunes. If you wan to download the APK app onto your computer and install it on your laptop or PC. Here’s the link to download.
  2. I recommend playing Knives Out on PC using MEmu App Player. If you haven’t downloaded already, please install it here.
  3. If download from Google Play, just skip this step, If you download the APK directly,  install the APK you downloaded using APK icon along the right side.
  4. Once installed you will see it on your home screen list of apps. Simply open it and the first launch will begin to download game resources! Once complete you need to set the key mapping first time.
  5. The key mapping setting can follow the official controls of Players Unknown’s Battle Grounds.
  6. In order to get high performance, suggest you to use Android 5.1, Direct X+ graphic mode.
Knives Out on PC

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For more details about how to install and run MEmu App Player, please check as below.


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