Players in Pokémon UNITE have spoken out after being compelled to buy Garchomp

The weekly tasks in Pokémon UNITE are normally a terrific way for gamers to keep progressing via the game’s Battle Pass system—until they weren’t.

The game’s user population has gone crazy about this week’s set of objectives, which demands players to compete in six bouts as the Pokémon Garchomp.

Many players will have to buy Garchomp from the in-game store because the Pokémon isn’t now in the free rotation, and many players have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Many of the answers claim that if the Pokémon was on free rotation, this quest would be fine. They contend that buying the species from the in-game store for 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems should not be required to advance in a Battle Pass that some players have already paid.

The Garchomp assignment is one of the greatest rewards from this week’s available range, awarding 120 BP tokens to those who accomplish it.

Despite the outcry from the community, TiMi Studios has yet to address their concerns, and the task is still available for users to accomplish if they own Garchomp.

This will hopefully be rectified in future Battle Pass challenges by limiting Pokémon to those that can be accomplished by all players during that week without requiring further expenditures.

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