Tower of Fantasy introduces its new simulacrum, Annabella, set to release this January

Tower of Fantasy has recently announced a new Simulacrum character,‘Annabella’ set to release this January. Annabella’s banner will release on January 12th,2023. Tower of Fantasy has seen a rapid onslaught of new limited characters in every patch to catch up with the CN version.

Additionally, Global fans have been anticipating this character to release ever since they saw her cute appearance in the CN version.

Tower of Fantasy Annabella: Character Information

Annabella is set to release right after Tian Lang and Lyra’s double banner is over in Version 2.2. Annabella is stated to be another SSR Flame DPS weapon. From the CN version, she is essentially a primary source of damage and has good synergy with other Flame characters such as Ruby.

Annabella’s birthday is on April 28th. She is around 166cm in height and her Chinese Voice Actor is Hong Haitian. Currently, her English Voice Actor is unknown. Although more information is expected to release in next few days.

Her CN Character Introduction Teaser Trailer is released into BiliBili. It has garnered lot of fans as you see her double-led life of a maid café and a vigilante.

Now Annabelle joining the fire team in Tower of Fantasy, the fire element characters such as Ruby, Zero, Huma etc are definitely going to get a massive boost.

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