Tower of Fantasy Version 2.1 Confounding Labyrinth update arrives this November

Level Infinite, the game’s publisher, and Hotta Studio, the game’s creator, gave some of the earliest information on significant updates and intriguing new content coming in the Tower of Fantasy version 2.1 update Confounding Labyrinth. The game is now available for free on mobile devices and has been nominated for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards and the Google Play User’s Choice Game.

Explore a new map with a powerful new character in
Tower of Fantasy version 2.1

On November 22, the version 2.1 update Confounding Labyrinth will be released. It will include a brand-new map called Confounding Abyss that is packed with dangerous enemies, thilling trials, and the new simulacrum, the potent Lin. The Third City’s ruins, which are located in the Confounding Abyss, which is directly beneath Mirroria, are full of varied topography and interminable challenges.

Players will run upon potentially harmful lifeforms as they go deeper. These brand-new, formidable foes have evolved as a result of the Confounding Abyss’ influence and will present completely fresh difficulties. As always in Tower of Fantasy, if players make it through, special exploration goodies are in store.

Lin, the most recent simulacrum character, is also included in the update. She was brought up to be the founder of Mirroria’s successor and is his sole child. Even though Lin hasn’t been formally chosen as the leader of Mirroria, the populace has already accepted her. Because Lin has had intensive combat training since he was a young child, he exudes strength and prefers to engage in front-line battles with amazing

Lin’s ability to change is the main factor in her strength. Each simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy is endowed with a particular element, such as Saki Fuwa’s frost and Ruby’s flame. The player strategy is determined by how these components are divided. Players can employ Lin as a construction weapon for any element genre thanks to her special alteration ability, which allows her to utilize all components.

Experience unique terrains and new areas in Tower
of Fantasy Version 2.1 update

Confounding Abyss’ underground realm was briefly glimpsed in the game’s newly released teaser for Confounding Labyrinth; presently, additional information is being disclosed about its various terrain types and breathtaking scenery, which includes the remnants of an unidentified civilization. The update will also include the addition of brand-new bosses, thrilling challenges, and the 48-player battle royale mode Break From Destiny. On November 22, a brand-new trailer will be released, revealing everything.

While navigating the Confounding Labyrinth, players will come across a variety of unusual topographical features and fresh locations, such as:

●Prism Pillar: Ruins left within the Abyss by an unknown civilization are riddled with dangerous obstacles hiding behind its endless passageways. Only the flickering light can faintly reveal the traces of the past and the mysteries that lie within.
●Deepsoul Industrial Zone: This Industrial Area around the Scientific Research Center is covered in karst caves, and its humid and warm environment is a paradise for the growth of strange fungi.

Players will run into a variety of different deadly lifeforms as they delve deeper and deeper into the Confounding Abyss. Due to the Confounding Abyss’s impact on some species, these formidable foes will present totally new difficulties. One dreadful illustration is a part of Crystal Hoof, whose solid, rock-like body was created after Culton’s body was united with an enigmatic crystal.

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