Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 Vera Update Patch Notes: “Vera Sector” map, Land of Sand, Legendary world bosses and more

The Version 2.0 Update of Tower of Fantasy will be live in the game on the 20th of October, 2022, when the new “Vera Sector” map is being introduced. The desert map is one of the game’s greatest highlights, along with the new story “Land of Sand”. The Ruby Simulcra is one of the highlights of the latest update and there is a brand-new matrix to support the character of Ruby. Alongside the new content, there are a number of issues which was fixed in the game. Let us break down the Version 2.0 Vera Update of Tower of Fantasy in detail.

Tower of Fantasy “Vera” Version 2.0 Update: New

New “Vera Sector” map

A new desert map named “Vera Sector” has been introduced in-game, where there are cyberpunk cities
such as Mirror City and “Grayspace” areas. Before the Cataclysm, the lost territory of Vera was governed by
The Seventh District of Hykros. Its landscape is dominated by enormous deserts.

Ruby: New Simulcrum

A premier Fire DPS, Ruby is set to join as a banner character on the global version on the 20th of October, 2022. Ruby earlier existed in the Chinese version of the game, and she will enter the game as an SSR Simulcrum.

New equipment, instances, Story, and more

Here are the new equipment, instances, and story introduced with the onset of the Version 2.0 Update.

●New equipment named Combat Engine will be unlocked.
●New instances including the “End Game” and “Sadness Valley” is unlocked.
●Dimensional Trials” 6 and “Spacetime Domain” 6
●New outfit system for Mia.
●”A Fresh Start” Event: A event for new players who have entered a server within 30 days of release and created a new character.
●”Stellarway Restart” Event: This is an event for the lapsed players.
●Character Sex Change Card is now available in stores.

Tower of Fantasy “Vera” Version 2.0 Update: New
rewards, missions and more changes

●The level cap is increased to 80 with corresponding rewards.
●More difficult levels are available for instances and the raid.
●Wormhole level 75 is available.
●Reward items for some instances are adjusted.

New Rewards and missions

●Support rewards and stores available for new players that participate in team-ups.
●New daily Veron bounty missions.
●New daily bounty missions are available for Vera, players can choose to finish the missions in either Vera or Aesperia.

That’s all about the Version 2.0 Update in Tower of Fantasy.


Here is the total amount of compensation rewards that can be obtained with the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 Update.

●Maintenance compensation: Dark Crystal x300
●Bug fix compensation: Dark Crystal x300
●Client update compensation: Dark Crystal x200
●Sex change compensation: Sex Change Card x1
●Instances Crystal Dust adjustment compensation: Vitality Solution x3
●Weekly Reset compensation: Dark Crystal x100
●Raid Compensation: Space Orientatorlx1

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