Arknights celebrates its 3rd Anniversary with the Ideal City: Endless Carnival event and rewards

The 3rd anniversary livestream and new event “Ideal City: Endless Carnival” for the strategic mobile RPG Arknights have been announced. The update includes a new themed furniture set, 3 new clothes, 4 new operators, and 4 new operators. When logging into the game, free resources such as the Daily Free Roll, Orundums, and many others can be earned as anniversary presents.

About Ideal City: Endless Carnival

The Ideal City: Endless Carnival event runs from January 13 at 10:00 until February 10 at 3:59 (UTC-7); Phase 2 opens on January 20 at 16:00, and Phase 3 opens on January 27 at 16:00. In order to save the approaching catastrophe of Zeruertza, a Durin by the name of Minimalist turns to Tomimi and Rhodes Island. Gavial and Eunectes, who are at Rhodes Island, are alerted by this and are brought to Zeruertza to assist Minimalist in getting through the crisis.

A free 5 Star Caster Minimalist token is available in the event market, and he is one of the rewards for completing City Forum missions throughout the event. Additionally, doctors can take advantage of the Self-Driving Cart Racetrack to acquire cart components and create their own carts with various features on the stage. Minimalist’s Token, Great Aquapit Funtastic Experientorium Furniture (Pieces), Headhunting Permit, Module Materials, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, and Furniture Parts are some of the redeemable gifts in Leaping Gloompincer Market.

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Additional bonuses include daily free rolls in Great Axe and Pen Nib Limited Headhunting, a free 10-roll upon first log-in, and a chance to win 200–800 orundums at random from the Beating Tickets event during the anniversary period.

Arknights 3rd anniversary will introduce brand new operators and outfits

With the launch of the anniversary event, four new operators have joined Rhodes Island:

Gavial the Invincible –6 Star Guard

Gavial the Invincible is Medic Gavial’s Alternate Version and can only be obtained through Great Axe and Pen Nib Headhunting. As a Centurion, she can attack all enemies blocked at the same time, and with her talent, the more enemies are blocked, the higher her Attack and Defense increase. Her third skill can sharply increase her Attack Speed, reduce and delay the damage taken during effect.

Pozëmka –6 Star Snipper

Pozëmka is a Heavyshooter. She can deploy a Typewriter which has the same skill as herself and reduces the target’s Defense by attacking. Her Attack Range expands and Attack Interval is reduced when her third skill is in effect. Most importantly, she ignores the target’s Physical Dodge after her ARC-Y Module is unlocked.

Cantabile – 5 Star Vanguard

Cantabile is a Therapist. Her skill will be activated at the time when she is deployed, and over the duration of the skill, every attack of her can generate 1 DP. Her second skill can increase her Attack and Attack Speed, but the number of DP generated depends on her ammo counts.

Minimalist – 5 Star Caster

Minimalist controls a Drone to deal Arts damage to enemies as a Mech-Accord. The first skill increases his Attack and Attack Speed, while the second skill is an auto-triggered dual attack.

New outfits from the Coral Coast Series are now available at the store, including L2D outfits “Colorful Wonderland CW03” for Surtr,“ Shimmering Dew SDm11” for Elysium and “Summer Flowers FA210” for La Pluma. At the same time, 8 other outfits from this Series will be on sale again.

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