Arknights x The Legend of Luo Xiaohei Event Begins on April 7

After being released in the Chinese server in September 2022, Arknights Global is now ready to bring the collaboration event with The Legend of Luo Xiaohei to the game, adding in a new collaboration event, outfits, and more!

This event si a collaboration with the Legend of Luo Xiaohei Chinese webtoon and flash animation series that was popularized enough to also receive a film adaptation, graphic novel series, and mobile game. The collaboration brings with it the series protagonist Luo Xiaohei as a 4-Star guard, his collaboration event, and new outfits for him, Suzuran, and Rockock. This update also adds a record restoration and special packs to celebrate the campaign.

The Arknights x Luo Xiaohei Event begins on April 7, 10:00 [UTC-7]. and ends on April 17, 03:58 [UTC-7].

Arknights x Luo Xiaohei Collab Event

The Arknights x Luo Xiaohei collab story event is almost here! This event requires you to have completed stage 1-10 of the story before you can play it, and will net you Nutritional Pet Food Tins, Materials, and other valuable upgrade materials for completion.

This event will only be available for a limited time, and the Nutritional Pet Food Tins are a key resource needed to pick up the featured character, which is…

Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event 0

Arknights x Luo Xiaohei New Operator

Luo Xiaohei! This Ranged/Lord Guard joins the game and is available complete for free by playing the new event, and won’t be available in the game’s gacha, so definitely make sure to pick him up!

Luo Xiaohei can deal pretty good damage to multiple enemies at a time, while also dealing even more damage to them if they are below 50% HP! Luo himself cannot kill enemies though because of his talent which inflicts critical wounds, leaving them at 1 HP, but it’s perfect for letting your other operators quickly build SP!

Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event Details 0 1
Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event 02
Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event Details 0 2

Arknights x Luo Xiaohei New Outfits

As part of the event we’ll also be getting a few new outfits, such as the Spring Praise outfit for Suzuran, and Before Singing outfit for RockRock.

These outfits will be available even afte the event ends for a brief duration on April 21, but since these are collaboration outfits we may not see them return for quite some tiem!

Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event 0 3

Kazimierz Major Record Restoration

The Kazimierz Major, the event which featured Maria Nearl aka Blemishine will also be getting a Record Restoration, letting you replay, or try out the MN-ST stages if you’ve never experienced it before. This is a permanent addition to the game.

Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event 05

New Special Packs

The game is also adding two special packs, in the form of a Strength Gift Package and Special Training Package for USD$6.99, and USD$19.99 respectively, or your regional equivalent depending on the server.

The Strength Gift Package grants 13 Originite Primes, 1 headhunting permit, 50 Tactical Battle Records, 100,000 Lungmen Dollars, 5 Manganese Ores, 5 Oriron Clusters, and 3 Guard chips, perfect for Luo Xiaohei.

While the Special Training Package contains 20 Originite Primes, a 10-roll headhunting permit, 25 strategic battle records, 16 Skill Summary 3’s, and 5 Guard Chip Packs.

Arknights Luo Xiaohei Event 0 4

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