Arknights celebrates its 4th anniversary with an exciting new update and rewards

Arknights Global is presently setting the stage ablaze as it commemorates its thrilling 4th anniversary celebration. The dynamic “So Long, Adele” limited event takes center stage, promising a heart-racing experience. Players can anticipate the introduction of new limited operators, intense challenges, and a series of exciting activities. The calendar should be marked from January 16th, 10:00 (UTC-7), to February 13th, 2024, 03:59 (UTC-7). During this time, individuals can immerse themselves in four years of Arknights Global in a stylish manner, participating in the exclusive anniversary extravaganza.

Arknights brings “So Long, Adele” limited event with the 4th anniversary update

Doctors can acquire event rewards through participation in the stages of events such as A Holiday at the Hot SpringsTreasure Hunting in Siesta, and Surfing the Lava. Additionally, they can earn event-specific rewards by partaking in battles within Siestan Fashion Street, accomplishing tasks in Dolly’s Task List, and exploring the event shop of White Volcano.

These accumulated rewards can be traded at the White Volcano for valuable items, including the 5-star operator BryophytaBryophyta’s token, the furniture named Trip to the ‘White Volcano, Logistics Special Permitselite materialsLMD, and more.

Score free headhunts and more in the Arknights 4th anniversary event

In honor of their 4th anniversary, an array of enticing rewards awaits participants. Between January 16th and January 30th, individuals can acquire a free 10x headhunting permit. Moreover, they can relish the anticipation as each daily login entitles them to a complimentary roll in the Cloudtop Lucid Dream headhunting banner, accumulating over 20 pulls by merely logging in.

Arknights 4th anniversary headhunting permit

Image via Yostar Games

It is encouraged for individuals to seize this opportunity, collect their rewards, and fully immerse themselves in the anniversary celebration. The invitation is extended not to overlook the excitement and exclusive rewards; participants are urged to log in, roll, and thoroughly enjoy the anniversary festivities.

New operators arrive in Arknights with the 4th anniversary update

  • 6-star Caster Operator: Eyjafjalla the Hvít Aska: As a Wandering Medic, the Eyjafjalla the Hvít Aska can remove Elemental Damage build-up on friendly units when healing them, which she will do even if the friendly unit is at full HP, equal to half of her ATK in each instance.
  • 6-star Specialist Operator: Swire the Elegant Wit: As a Merchant Specialist, counters DP drain with strong attacks and support. A unique talent, Big Spendthrift, earns 1 Coin per skill activation (spendable through skills). While active, gains 1 Coin per DP consumed, increasing ATK (stacks for a limited time).
  • 5-star Vanguard Operator: Poncirus: As a Pioneer Vanguard, Poncirus boasts elevated HP and DEF, allowing her to block two enemies. Her talent, Demolition Team’s Code, enhances her maximum HP after several seconds of deployment.
  • 5-star Guard Operator: Bryophyta: As a Guard Instructor, Bryophyta is primarily meant to support melee Operators. The talent, Cautious, and Calculated, buffs DEF for adjacent melee Operators.

Grab amazing new arrivals at the in-game store in Arknights

Gavial the InvincibleGoldenglow, and Myrtle are making a notable entrance into the limelight as they showcase their latest attire, the Coral Coast XII outfits. But the thrill doesn’t stop there! The store is gearing up for a remarkable return of ensembles from the Re-Edition series, including beloved classics such as Coral Coast and Bloodline of Combat.

Ensure you don’t miss out on these incredible styles—become part of the Rhodes Island fashion review for an opportunity to relish these captivating looks once more, as this time, the appeal is simply irresistible. In delivering thrilling updates to esteemed medical professionals, it is announced that Arknights has entered into a collaboration with Signature KOI in Singapore.

The collaborative occasion, titled ‘Amiya & Chen’s Moments of Rest,’ is scheduled to take place from January 19 to January 31, 2024. As part of this collaboration, customers will be eligible to receive a personalized cup sleeve, cup holder, and an exclusive redemption code with the purchase of any freshly prepared beverage.

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