Auto Chess strategies: what should be done in different stages

The most satisfying thing for players of Auto Chess is no doubt defeat all the opponents using strategies. Auto Chess strategies can be divided into different types. Today we are going to illustrate the guiding strategies for different stages of the game. Compared with details, it’s much more important to understand advanced mindset before discussing the details. Sit tight, here we go.

Auto Chess strategies before the game starts

auto chess strategies

Make sure your device has enough power and has a stable Internet connection. It’s sure that no one wants to lose the game because of non-game related reasons. Therefore, play Auto Chess on PC is a good option to avoid all the issues above.

Auto Chess strategies for the early stage

Early-stage: Lvl 1-5

For this stage, the opening strategy is vital. The better it is, you will get the early winning streak which helps you to accumulate the economy from the first match of the game. With the faster speed of getting gold, you will be able to enter mid-game sooner than other players.

Don’t hesitate to sell lvl1 units that are useless. Once you see something better in the next draws, just sell the old ones to get the new ones. Remember, lvl1 units can be sold at their full price. That helps a lot.

Make use of your bench. Buy multiple units (even ones you are not currently using) so that you can possibly combine them in the future. If it turns out you’re not going to use them – sell them off.

Auto Chess strategies for the Mid Game

Mid-stage: lvl6-7

The mid-game is the most important part economically. Ideally, you want to slowly start hoarding gold around lvl6 to take advantage of the interest. Once you reach 50, spend any extra gold on slowly upgrading and building your army and buying levels.

Auto Chess strategies for the Late Game

Late-stage: Lvl8-10

You could reach this stage without dipping below 50 gold if you get great draws and manage your army and economy very well.

However, generally, one needs to be more cautious in the final stage. This is because a loss of a game costs much more than the fail in the early stage. You need to take measures quickly to prevent your competitors end you.

Now it’s time to spend all your gold refreshing the shop. In this way, you can upgrade your units as soon as possible. If you get enough luck, you can upgrade most of your key units to 3 stars. Although you may miss some core units, make sure that all the units are upgraded to 2 stars.

Don’t forget to try to reach lvl10 – the final one or two bodies on the battlefield are important for their stats, but even more so for the synergies they can provide. If you are rich and can get to lvl10 early this will also increase your chances to get rare units. A two-star legendary shouldn’t be underestimated!

Nonetheless, if you’re desperate it is definitely possible to win a game on lvl9. If you don’t have powerful units on the bench, upgrading to lvl10 might be a very big cost that will cripple you more than it will help you – it might be a better decision to spend your gold in the shop to try to upgrade the units you already have.

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