Auto Chess Mage Build: Blow up your enemies

It is known that a 6-piece Auto Chess Mage build is always a difficult task. Mage units are fragile in the early stage. But please remember, once the synergy is done, it will deal tons of damage, lots of AoE damage included.

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Auto Chess Mage Build: Who are the Mages

1. Ogre Mage

Auto Chess Mage Build

Maybe Ogre Mage is not that helpful in the final stage. Buti it is a must for mage synergy in the early stage. Good HP and skill help him be quite effective at first. Considering the economic issues in the Auto Chess Economy Guide, you can sell the unit between round 15-17 unless you are all in with Mages.

2. The Source

Auto Chess Mage Build

Although she is super weak on her own, the Source can be big trouble for the opponent when there are enough Mages on the battleground. You can start to take it in the middle stage and send her in after 15th round.

3. Thunder Spirit

Auto Chess Mage Build

A Mage known as the best Mage in the game. He is absolutely crucial to construct an Auto Chess Mage Build. The moment that you turn him into 2 stars is the moment that you can determine to build your Mage synergy.

4. Shining Dragon

A good choice to participate in a Dragon or a Feathered synergy in the early stage. Its AoE damage can be well performed if you put it in the corner.

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5. Flaming Wizard

Frankly, if you are a man of gambling, then Flaming Wizard is the one for you. Her extremely high damage skill can terminate most of the units on the battlefield but this is the tricky part. You will never know who she is going to deal with. Maybe a unit with ZERO HP. So, it’s up to you man.

6. Tortola Elder

auto chess mage build

After being updated to 2-stars, Tortola Elder can be the black rabbit of the mid- and late-game. He is almost always worth picking up in a 3-Mages synergy, but he takes forever to charge his Kamekameha ability.

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To be successful with an Auto Chess Mage build you need a good economy. Remember that Mages is a late-game strat. You need multiple expensive units – not only Mages but also units like Kunkka, Disruptor, Tide, etc. This is why you typically don’t want to start rerolling the shop before you have a high-level courier and more than 50 gold. You are unlikely to ride a strong winning streak in the mid-game, so don’t try hard to upgrade your army in the mid-game at the cost of the economy. Your game plan is to win late.

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