Free Fire on PC Earthstomper Incubator event arrives with exclusive rewards up for grabs

The OB34 in Free Fire has made the game more enhanced by including some exciting in-game rewards and adding new features. The frequent addition of web events such as The IncubatorLuck Royal, and Faded Wheel has increased the chances of the players acquiring epic items. Following the newly added Earthstomper Incubator in Free Fire, it has introduced an event with some epic and overpowering gun abilities, which players can use to get an edge over others on battlefields. As usual, to obtain the items from the incubators, individuals need to spend diamonds and have to depend on their luck to get the items as fast as possible.

Free Fire Earthstomper Incubator event Overview

The Eartstomper Incubator was released on June 22, 2022, and will run for the next seventeen days. Players need to spin with 1 spin equivalent to 40 diamonds and 5 spins equivalent to 180 diamonds to get the rewards. After the spin, players need to collect the Evolution Stone and Blueprints to exchange them with the legendary incubator items.

Players must note that their main target in the Incubator Draw is to get as many evolution stones and blueprints as possible. We have listed all the following gun skins in the Earthstomper Incubator which players can claim by exchanging evolution stone and blueprints.

Free Fire Earthstomper Incubator event Rewards

1. AUG – Mars LandCrusher

Free Fire Earthstomper Incubator reward
Image via Garena

Players need to have 3 Blueprints and 7 Evolution Stones to claim this gun skin. The gun’s abilities come with double damage with an extra single range which will be perfect for both mid and long-range flights. Moreover, the gun skins possess a dashing animation effect.

2. AUG – Ventus OceanBust

Free Fire Earthstomper Incubator
Image via Garena

Players need to exchange it with 2 Blueprints and 5 Evolution stones to claim this AUG- Ventus OceanBust. The gun skin has single damage with double accuracy.

3. AUG- Nebula Skydark

Free Fire Earthstomper Incubator
Image via Garena

Players need to have 2 Blueprints and 4 Evolution stones to claim it. Moreover, the gun skin has a decent range with double armor penetration which can be very overpowering in close-range combat.

4. AUG – Aqua Firetaming

Free Fire Earthstomper Incubator
Image via Garena

Players need to exchange it with 1 blueprint and 3 Evolution Stones to claim it. The best part of this gun is that it has a good fire rate with double range. This ability can surely take down any squad with a single spray.

Players who are craving a good in-game collection and advantage in combat can surely go for these gun skins using diamonds. However, diamonds don’t come cheap, which is why spending a huge amount of diamonds may not be favorable for some.

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