Mobile Legends 1.6.22 Patch Notes: Another Marksman Hero Buff

Every week, Mobile Legends provides updates for the Advanced Server that tweak the heroes and make the game more balanced, with fewer overpowered and extremely weak heroes. In addition, several Marksmen will receive yet another benefit in Mobile Legends patch notes 1.6.22.

So, what else is new in the game with the 1.6.22 update? Let’s get started without further ado!

Hero and Item Adjustments


Picking up shards from the ground feels a bit cumbersome for Aamon, so the devs have removed the mechanics and changed it into a passive stack gain whenever he’s in his camouflage mode. The devs also reduced Aamon’s durability but increased his late-game performance.

Passive: Aamon no longer picks up shards from the ground, but gains stacks of his Passive while in his camouflage mode. HP Regen adjusted from 25 + 30% Magic Power + 5% of HP lost to 25 + 20% Magic Power + 4% of HP lost.

Skill 1: Burst damage increased from 30-55 + 8% Magic Power to 50-100 +20% Magic Power.

Skill 2: Speed, reach, and width of the skill are increased.


Since Barats-Detona is a popular pick in the higher ranks, this hero gets nerfed a bit in this patch.

Attributes: Defense per stack reduced from 2-5 to 1-4.

Although it sounds like an insignificant change, this nerf might make Barats a bit squishy.

Popol & Kupa

Popol & Kupa receive extra durability that makes it possible for players to use much more aggressive gameplay.

Attributes: Base HP increased from 2,425 to 2,525, and HP growth increased from 120 to 140.

Skill 2: Bonus Physical Attack shield increased from 160% to 200%.


Skill 2: Additional HP regen adjusted from 10% of HP lost to 8% of HP lost plus 2% of Magic Power. Cooldown reduction per 100 Magic Power increased from 5% to 8%.

With this buff, Mage-Build Bane may be popular once again in the Land of Dawn.


Skill 1: Base Damage increased from 250-500 to 300-550.

Ultimate: Base Shield increased from 600-1,000 to 1,400-1,800.

With this buff, Odette will be able to sustain longer in fights.


Skill 1: Energy Cost slightly reduced from 18 to 15.


Skill 1: Damage to minions adjusted from 80% at all levels to 80%-100%.


Skill 1: Mana Cost reduced from 60-85 to 50 at all levels.

Ultimate: Mana Cost reduced from 65-85 to 50-60.


Ultimate: Basic Attack Damage increased from 80 to 180 + 105% of total Physical Attack to 85-105% of total Physical Attack.

Item War Axe

Item cost increased from 1,980 to 2,100.

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