Mobile Legends on PC: Patch Update 1.5.72 All you need to know

The annual 515 Party Event is just around the corner, and developers for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is looking to add, adjust, and revamp a whole list of hero equipment and items. These include a new mechanism that combines Jungle, Roam, and Boots Items, and one new item each for Physical, Magic, and Defense categories. To improve the player experience, these changes are live on the Advanced Server and hopefully will undergo minimal testing to be launched straight into the Original Server as soon as possible. Without further ado, let’s start breaking down the Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.72.

Hero adjustments

Revamped Karina

Her Skill 1 has been reworked to also immune close-range Basic Attacks to improve her survivability, where previously it could only block ranged Basic Attacks. Her Damage has been nerfed to balance the changes.

Skill 1

  • New effect: All Basic Attacks can now be blocked. When blocking a close-range Basic Attack, she will inflict Reflect Damage within a small range.
  • Reflect Damage150-300 +45% Magic Power → 100-200 +30% Magic Power


  • Damage470-770 +180% Magic Power → 450-750+160% Magic Power


Even after the last update, players were still having a hard time dealing with Phoveus, so this update has further nerfed him, with the hopes that he will be easier to handle in the lane and in team fights.

Skill 1

  • Skill Charge Time: 9s-7.5s → 7.5s-6s
  • Base Shield: 350-950 → 250-750
  • Shield Duration: 2s → 3s
  • Movement Speed Increase: 20% → 25%

Skill 2

  • Cooldown: 15s-12.5s → 13.5s

Skill 3

  • Tracking enemies will now show their location at the time the button was tapped, as opposed to their current location.


His strength is slightly increased in this patch to make up for the updates from the last patch.


  • Damage: 125%-160% Physical Attack → 130%-165% Physical Attack
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t cast enhanced Basic Attacks at creeps.

Skill 1

  • Slightly reduced skill front swing time.

Battlefield adjustments

Damage Calculation Adjustments

  • Enemies’ minimum Physical/Magic Defense 0 → -60
  • When both percentage and fixed-value Penetration are in effect, the algorithm will now prioritize the percentage before the fixed value.
  • All descriptions featuring HP Regen reduction have been changed to HP Regen and Shield reduction. (The actual effects remain the same; only their descriptions have been improved)

Equipment Purchase Adjustments

  • Added a new restriction that limits players to buying only 1 set of Footwear (if you’ve equipped Retribution, you’re limited to buying Jungling Footwear; otherwise you can buy one set of common or Roaming Footwear)

Jungling/Roaming Equipment

  • Movement Speed and advanced effects from Jungling/Roaming Equipment are now exactly the same as those from common Footwear; all that has been added are Jungling/Roaming abilities.

Advanced Roaming Skills

  • Conceal: Movement Speed boosts greatly increased.
  • Encourage: Movement Speed boosts reduced. The number of increased attributes has been raised, and they are also enhanced.
  • Favor: New Skill. At set intervals, the next time the hero casts a healing or shield skill, it also restores some HP for a nearby ally with the lowest HP. (Regen skills do not trigger this effect)
  • Dire Hit: New Ability. At set intervals, the next time the hero damages a target and leaves it below 30%, they’ll deal extra Magic Damage equivalent to a proportion of the enemy’s Max HP.

Battle Spell Adjustments


  • New effect: If you have Retribution equipped, you receive a creep reward bonus while rewards from minions are reduced. Reaching a certain number of creep kills or hero kills/assists unlocks advanced skills (based on the Jungling Footwear purchased), and stops minion reward reductions.

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.72 brings new Battle Spell Adjustments

Advanced Retribution Skills

  • Ice Retribution: Can be used against enemy heroes, dealing a small amount of True Damage and absorbing Movement Speed from the enemy over 3s.
  • Flame Retribution: Can be used against heroes, dealing a small amount of True Damage and absorbing Physical Attack and Magic Power from the enemy over 3s.
  • Bloody Retribution: Can be used against enemy heroes, dealing a small amount of True Damage and absorbing HP from the enemy over 3s.

New Equipment

Vengeful Battleaxe

  • Attributes: +55 Physical Attack, +550HP, +10%CD Reduction
  • Unique Passive – Berserk: Enter a battle stance upon dealing damage to any enemy unit. This increases the hero’s Physical Attack by 8 and Physical Penetration by 4 each second for 3s, to a max of 8 stacks; at full stacks also increasing Movement Speed by 20%.

Vengelful Battleaxe and Shadow Twinblades

Shadow Twinblades

  • Attributes: +70 Magic Power, +10% Magic Lifesteal, +5% CD Reduction
  • Unique Passive- Assassination: If no damage is taken or dealt within 5s, the next Basic Attack will deal extra Magic Damage equal to 200+50% Magic Power, and inflict a 40% slow effect upon the target for 1.5s.

Radiant Armor

  • Attributes: +800HP, +45 Magic Defense, +6HP Regen
  • Unique Passive – Holy Blessing: Increases own Magic Damage Reduction by 3-10 upon taking Magic Damage (scales with level), lasting for 3s and up to 8 stacks.

Hunter’s Footwear

  • Unique Passive – Hunter: After dealing with damage to a creep, they take 3s of further sustained damage.

Radiant Armor and Roamer’s Footwear

Roamer’s Footwear

  • Unique Passive – Thriving: The extra rewards gained from kill assists and the extra rewards gained when you have the least Gold/EXP remain unchanged
  • New Effect: If you’re not the one with the least Gold/EXP on your team, grant a lesser amount of Gold or EXP to the ally who is instead (only one hero per team can enjoy Thriving’s effects at a time.)
  • Unique Passive – Blessing: Once a total amount of Gold gained from Thriving reaches a set amount, a free advanced Roaming skill is automatically obtained (based on Roaming Footwear purchased). Gold can continue to be gained from Thriving to enhance his skill.

Equipment Adjustments

Golden Staff

  • Physical Attack: 65 → 55
  • Attack Speed: 30% → 20%
  • Unique Passive – Endless Strike: New effect. The 3rd Basic Attack triggers extra damage twice, each time dealing Physical Damage equal to 20% Physical Attack

Blade of the Heptaseas

  • Unique Passive – Ambush: Extra Damage of the enhanced Basic Attacks: 240+60% Physical Attack → 160+40% Physical Attack.
  • New Effect: Inflicts a 40% slow effect upon the target for 1.5s.

Demon Hunter Sword

  • Unique Passive – Devour: Physical Lifesteal Increase from each Basic Attack: 3% → 2%

Haas’s Claws

  • Unique Passive – Insanity: Trigger condition: being below 40% HP → being below 50% HP
  • Physical Lifesteal increase: 10% → 15%

Blood Wings

  • Unique Passive – Guard [Revamped]: Gain a Shield equal to 200% Magic Power. Gain another one 30s after it breaks.

Enchanted Talisman

  • Unique Passive – Mana Spring: Max CD Reduction increased by 5%.

Blade Armor

  • Unique Passive – Vengeance: Damage Reflected: 25% enemy’s Physical Attack → 25% damage dealt this time (before damage reduction).

Queen’s Wings

  • Unique Passive – Demonize: Damage reduced by 30% and Physical Lifesteal increased by 40% → Damage reduced by 20% and Spell Vamp increased by 30%.

Thunder Belt

  • Unique Passive – Thunderbolt: Enhanced Basic Attack Damage: True Damage 2% of Max HP → True Damage equal to 5% of extra Max HP
  • Enhanced Basic Attack Slow Effect: 60% → 40%-80% (scales with the extra HP), for 1s.

Dominance Ice

  • Unique Passive – Arctic Cold: Removed the Slow Effect.
  • New effect: Reduces 50% of nearby enemy heroes’ Shield and HP Regen (excluding those affected by “Life Drain”)

Twilight Armor

  • Active Skill – Defiance (changed from Passive to Active Skill): After use, each instance of Physical Damage received cannot exceed 900. Reduces the duration during which the hero can be controlled by 30% for 3s. Has a 60s cooldown.

Antique Cuirass

  • HP Regen: 6 → 2

Athena’s Shield

  • Optimized the build path
  • HP Regen: 4 → 2

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