Key Mapping and Joystick Setup

#How to Setup Key Mapping?#

Click the Keyboard button on the sidebar after you enter into a certain game. You may follow the below steps to setup keyboard mapping for easy control.

1. Drag the steering wheel  to the place where the movement key spot locates on the screen. Drag the skill shot key   to the place where the skills locate on the screen. It’s usually applied in ARPG game.

2. Drag the WASD steering key to the place where the movement key spot locates on the screen. Drag the Shoot key  to the place where the shoot key spot locates on the screen. Drag the crosshair key  to the place where the front sight spot locates. As the name suggests, Shoot and crosshair keys are normally applied in a shooting game.


FAQ for Key Mapping

(1): What if the in-game perspective cannot be moved or the view angle is stuck?

If you are unable to move the angle of view or the angle of view is stuck after hiding the mouse, please use “~” to call out the mouse, then use “~” to hide the mouse again.

(You may try different keys such as “Ctrl” or “F1” since the key is different in certain games)


(2): My default button has been modified. How to restore to the initial button mode?

Open the smart key menu and click on the icon in the image below.


#How to setup Joystick mapping in Android Emulator?#

In addition to the keyboard, you can control your character with joystick easily. Please follow below steps to setup.

EDIT: This is a HOW-TO video about this topic, check it out.

1. Connect the joystick to your PC and open the properties of this device.



2. Press the buttons of the joystick and make sure they respond properly in the properties page.


3. Launch the game in MEmu, and move the gamepad buttons onto the screen. Make sure they correspond properly to the game control keys.

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