Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 update patch notes: New Artificial Island Map, Home System, Aida Café Event and more

The recently-launched gacha title, Tower of Fantasy will undergo its major version 1.5 update on the 15th of September, 2022. Published by Level Infinite, players have shown an immense amount of love and appreciation towards the game in the last month, and developers have been quick to announce the new 1.5 update and the upcoming 2.0 update, as well. With the new Artificial Island System up for the players to experience, wanderers will also be able to work on their own Home System and more.

Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 Update: New Content

Artificial Island new map and Gameplay: This new Artificial Island zone is the main focus of the update, bringing a vast new area for players to explore, gather materials, and fight new enemies. Various areas like Ring Arena, Puddled Lake, and Rusty Iron Camp areas are being introduced.

Home System: The Home System is a feature where players can set up their own home base within the Artificial Island. Through materials, they can upgrade the buildings on the island, transforming them into their very own home base!

A new 8-player cooperative “Raid” Gameplay is being introduced.

“Claudia” and limited “Claudia Matrix”: A new limited-time banner of Claudia will release at the start of the Version 1.5 Update.

Aida Cafe Limited-time event: This is a new cooking event from the 14th of September, 2022. Players will be seen brewing some delicious dishes and food. There will be some rewards like SSR relic shards, and red nucleus for all the players.

Bygone Phantasm” event:

“Sequential Phantasm” is available after unlocking the “Battlefield of Champions”.

Weapon switching and enhancements are disabled in the “Bygone Phantasm” event.

Five different types of “stage” buff in the “Bygone Phantasm” event.

New changes

  • The maximum accumulated days of offline rewards are revised to 9 days.
  • The display of new and idle servers with”New” and “Recommended” signs is optimized.
  • The introduction tab of the “shield axe” in the “Survival Guide” is added.

Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 Update patch notes: Bug Fixes

  • An issue was fixed where no Endurance (END) is required, where the “Spiral Drive“ skill is used with the “Thunderblades“ weapon and damage abnormality. The damage description of the spiral-down effect of the “Thunderblades” is also added.
  • The icon display issue where multiple matrix effects can be activated when switching “Molten Shield V2” (axe mode) to other weapons is fixed.
  • An issue is fixed, where there is a “stun” abnormality of the “Pummeler” and “Venus” weapon.
  • An issue is fixed where there is a “dodge” abnormality for some of the “Balmung” weapon.
  • The problem of abnormal interface display is caused by network lag, when extracting “Simulacrum” weapons during the ordering.
  • The cooldown period time between speeches in the chat channel is improved.
  • The setting button invalid issue after restarting is fixed.
  • The button invalid issue for the Line channel on mobiles is fixed.
  • A series of localization problems such as translation or abnormal display of interface text is fixed.
  • “Type V Armor” is replaced with “Alternate Destiny” in the “SSR Relic one-out-of-four box” selections.

Compensation Rewards

  • Maintenance compensation: Dark Crystal x300
  • Bug fix compensation: Dark Crystal x300
  • Client update compensation: Dark Crystal x200

Players who have registered by the 16th of September, 2022 at 00:00 UTC and reached Lv. 6.

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