Arknights brings its Episode 10, “Shatterpoint” with new operators, outfits, and more

The key episode of the strategic mobile RPG Arknights, “Shatterpoint,” debuts on October 19, 2022. A conflict breaks out in Londinium as many factions compete with one another for power, harmony, and their particular faith. Four additional operators, outfits, pieces of furniture, avatars, and other diverse incentives are also included in the game. Chinese dubs are now accessible for a few chosen operators, while two new operators, Horn and Heidi, come with English dubs. Feel free to select the style you like best.

Shatterpoint introduces new operators and rewards to Arknights

By completing several level stages in Shatterpoint, Heidi, a new operator, can be redeemed. The event gifts also include two new avatars, two new plaques, LMD, and other upgrading materials. While waiting for certain phases to be cleared, doctors can obtain Emergency Sanity Sampler and Rhodes Island Supplies.

Four new operators have been added: Horn, Rockrock, Heidi, and Chestnut. Additionally, Horn and Heidi are now accessible in an English dub. Doctors can personally experience the charm of the various personalities that the English voice actors have created.

6-star Operator: Horn

Horn is a Fortress Defender who specializes in Damage Per Second and Defense. Horn’s skill can buff her attack and reveal invisible enemies, which makes her have a fantastic performance when fighting in some special stages.

5-star Operators: Heidi

Heidi is a new Bard Supporter, whose skills allow her to augment allies in various ways. The first skill inspires the attack of friendlies while another skill Inspires their maximum HP and DEF, allowing players to choose the best one for each stage.

5-star operator: Rockrock

Another new 5-star operator Rockrock is a Mech-Accord Caster who controls a Drone that loiters around her and attacks enemies. Her skill is an advanced attack speed buff. Her second skill, overdrive can buff the Drone’s attack, but it will be stunned for the overdrive duration.

4-star Operator: Chestnut

Chestnut is a Wandering Medic. Chestnut’s first skill will immediately heal a friendly unit, and the second skill strengthens his ability, especially when continuously healing one ally.

New and Rerun Outfit arrive in the new episode of

The shop has several recent additions. The new line of clothing, which includes “Raythean Striker” for Siege, Indra, and Scavenger, is available for purchase by doctors. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase the “Bloodline of Combat” repeat outfit as well.

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