Arknights releases “Lingering Echoes” event with new Operators, Outfits and more

The newest side story event for the strategic mobile RPG Arknights is called Lingering Echoes. Ebenholz and Kreide will attend the farewell concert organized by renowned composer Czerny. Three new operators, three new outfits, a new themed furniture set, rewards, and more are all included in the update.

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Witness a tale of intrigue and resistance in the Lingering Echoes event

The story takes place in Leithanien, a location that has caught Rhodes Island’s attention as a result of the recent incidence of infected persons there mending themselves. At Czerny’s farewell concert, Ebenholz and Kreide will witness a story of intrigue and resistance. Czerny is a well-known infected composer. The “Lingering Echoes” event runs from December 27, 2022, to January 10, 2023 (UTC-7), while the “Back Alleys” second phase goes live on January 3, 2023. (UTC-7).

Czerny, a 5-star defender, is only temporarily accessible as the bonus operator during the tournament. By completing the event stages, doctors can also obtain the new furnishings, the Afterglow-Styled Music Room, and other items from the Composer’s Mailbox, such as the Headhunting Permit, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, and Furniture Parts.

Lingering Echoes event introduces three new operators and new outfits in Arknights

  • 6-star Caster: Ebenholz: Ebenholz is a Damage Per Second-focused Mystic Caster with a 6-star rating. His attacks cause one target to sustain Arts damage. When Ebenholz is not attacking, he will occasionally store up to three of his attacks. When he fights again, all of the stored attacks will be discharged at once, giving him a burst of four hits! When Doctors come up against powerful foes, Ebenholz will particularly display his skills.
Arknights Lingering Echoes event

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  • 5-star Medic: Hibiscus the Purifier: The alternate 5-star version of Incantation Hibiscus is called Hibiscus the Purifier. She is an Incantation Medic since she occasionally attacks foes rather than treating allies. Hibiscus has matured significantly, and her skill will now make her assaults more effective.
  • 5-star Defender: Czerny: Czerny is a redeemable Arts Protector in this situation. He is unquestionably a strong defender who is worth acquiring because of his second talent, which enables him to tank hits more easily than other characters and deal heavy damage to adversaries in return.

New outfits have also been added to the Achievement Star Collection. It includes Light Gun Adjuster for AostaTrendsetting Player for Kirara, and Sport For All for Flametail.

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