Arknights Guide the Head event brings new operators, rewards and more

The new Side Story event Guide Ahead for Arknights, a tactical mobile role-playing game, has been unveiled. As the son of Sankta and Sarkaz, a little girl by the name of Cecelia who lives in Laterano’s outskirts was immediately drawn into the web of suspicion. Three new operators, three new clothes, a new themed furniture set, rewards, and more are all included in the update.

About the Guide Ahead event in Arknights

The Sankta and Sarkaz have been at war for thousands of years in Laterano, a theocratic nation governed by the Pope. The narrative occurs at the Laterano Summit of Nations. A girl named Cecelia is discovered to be a unique Sankta born from a Sarkaz father during a delicate period when leaders of numerous powers are congregating in the same spot.

Due of Cecelia’s unique individuality, various forces compete for her and clash over their own ideologies and stances. The Guide Ahead event runs from September 16 at 10:00 until September 30 at 3:59 (UTC-7) and the Road to the Shrine second part opens on September 23 at 16:00.

5 Star Specialist Enforcer is a reward for participating in the event. In order to receive awards such as Enforcer’s Token, Laterano Notarial Hall Lounge Furniture (Pieces), LMD, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Headhunting Permits, Elite Materials, etc. in Lateranian Desserts, doctors must complete Notarial Tasks and clear event levels.

New Operators will be coming in the Arknights Guide Ahead event

Arknights Guide Ahead event

Image via Yostar Games

Fiammetta – 6 Star Sniper

As an artilleryman, Fiammetta has a huge attack range. She fires a burning bullet, and it can explode, damaging foes nearby the blast tiles and the burning marks it leaves behind. She will continuously pelt enemies with her third skill when it’s active at her maximum range. Operators with continuous healing talents could help her well and keep her Attack boost because the tremendous damage capability costs her life.

Kazemaru – 5 Star Specialist

Kazemaru is a keeper of dolls. In the event that she takes lethal harm, she switches to a Substitute rather than withdrawing. She can either call a Substitute on a nearby melee tile or forfeit her HP to significantly improve her next assault.

Enforcer – 5 Star Specialist

Enforcer is an easy-to-use and cost-free Push Stroker. If the target collides with High Ground, he can push it in the direction of the strike and stun it. In order to group the adversaries together, he can use his second skill to instantly stun everyone within a set range and force them all back.

New Arrivals in the Store will take place during this event

The store currently carries new EPOQUE Series outfits for Saileach, Mulberry, and Tuye, including Appreciate Fragrance, Plant Crude Drug, and Cultivate Vegetation. In addition, two costumes from the Raythean Striker Series, Striker-Skyline for Schwarz and Striker-Overload for Liskarm, will once more be available for purchase.

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