Arknights Tier List: Who’s the best operator

Arknights Tier List: Who Should I Reroll For?

Arknights Tier List

  0. Play Arknights on PC to do the reroll easily.

  1. Follow your heart, reroll for your favorite OP.

For those who don’t care about the quality of the OPs. The Arknights Tier List means nothing for them. All they need to do is reroll for their favorite.

  2. Roll for a specific or two 6*s

The Newbie Gacha offers a 6* Operator, it is reasonable to reroll for another 6* op. Furthermore, you can target a specific 6* operator. No matter who makes an Arknights tier list. The 6* operators are always the best.  This reroll tier list is for new players who have fewer materials to invest and are looking for the most resource-efficient start to carry them through all stages of the game.

Arknights Tier List: Reroll Tier List

Tier 3: Shining, Angelina

Shining Angelina

Shining and Angelina are both ops who don’t shine until unlocking their third skill after Elite 2. Although they can still fulfill the role of Medic/Supporter (respectively), they will not be operating at their full potential for newer players without extended investment.

Tier 2: Siege, Hoshiguma

Siege and Hoshiguma are both very strong units but have lower rarity counterparts who can perform similar roles. Despite this, they are still strong picks and do their job very well. Which makes them outstanding in this Arknights tier list.


Tier 1: Exusiai, Silverash & Eyjafjalla

Exusiai and Silverash are both strong Operators that are effective for carrying new players and only get stronger with investment. Either one will be a boon to reroll for, but having both will provide the easiest experience. That’s why they are on the first Arknight tier list.
Eyjafjalla is one of the strongest Casters in the game with amazing AoE damage. She is worth rerolling for, but do note she is far more difficult to obtain due to not being in the Newbie Gacha.

After having a full image of Arknights tier list, it’s time to read about how to reroll in Arknights.