Auto Chess Assassin Build: Like a shadow

Auto Chess Assassin Build is always one of the most popular builds ever since the update in June. In the previous post, we introduced Auto Chess Units.  Today we will be more specific.

Play Auto Chess on PC to have better control during the final stage. It will be very useful when you have enough gold and need to roll like crazy.

Auto Chess Assassin build

There are 8 Assassin units in Auto Chess and we only need 6 of them. Because Phantom Queen is currently removed(version 0.8.0), based on their potential and price, it is recommended to rule out Venom, which is obviously too expensive. Then take the rest of Assassins. Let’s get the job done.

Introduction of every Assassin in the Auto Chess Build

Soul Breaker

From the first glimpse of this dude, we know that he’s a tough guy. With two shiny weapons, Soul Breaker has its advantage in the early stage. Being a Goblin and have a balanced property, (good HP, ATK, ATK speed) Soul Breaker is born to be a carry.

Shining Assassin

Auto Chess Assassin build

Another balanced player for Auto Chess Assassin Build. The only setback is that she’s expensive. But as we always say, the only bad for those who are expensive is their price.


The assassin with the highest ATK in Auto Chess. In the Assassin Build, she is essential because the changes of critical strikes are really helpful during the fight. If you have the opportunity to level her up to 3 stars, do it. She will never let you down. Besides, Frantic Mask is a perfect match with Shadowcrawler, imagine the best ATK assassin with higher ATK speed, that will be a real hit.

Lord of Sand

This one doesn’t do too much damage, but he is fairly tanky, so he can be used as a frontliner in your otherwise squishy team. He’s also your only Assassin with a CC and can be positioned to the side of the board to encourage diagonal Burrow Dashes.

Water Spirit

Maybe this is the worst assassin, but with a price of 2 gold, it’s really a good choice to get a Spirit synergy if this becomes necessary during the late-game.


This little guy doesn’t have amazing stats or ATK, but he is a Marine piece, which means you might be able to use him during the late-game to counter enemy teams that are heavily focused on magical damage.

Combinations of Auto Chess Assasin Build

For Auto Chess Assassin Build, what are the best companion of the 6 Assassins? The answer is simple since the assassins can offer plenty of DPS, what they need is definitely some tanks or control skills to protect them from attacks when doing damage.

Possible options: 6 assassins with Werewolf or Razorclaw. This combination assures the synergy of two beasts.

Possible options: On level 8, 6 assassins with Razorclaw and Warpwood Sage, you will get two synergies of two beasts and 3 Feathered. At the same time, the possibility of getting a 2 gold, 3 gold assassin is 30%, it’s really a good chance to get 3 stars.

The key of Auto Chess Assassin Build:

  1. Make sure you can control smoothly like Auto Chess PC
  2. Keep all the assassins in the early stage
  3. Make sure that no more 2 other players chase Assassin Build
  4. Find good timing, as we explained in Auto Chess tips

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