Auto Chess tips: Road to master

As a strategetic game, there are many Auto Chess tips to help you get one victory after another and become a master from a green hand. Think about the tips below during the preparation period, that will help a lot.

Auto Chess tip No.0: Play Auto Chess Mobile on PC

You can both experience the latest content and the mouse & keyboard control playing Auto Chess Mobile on PC with MEmu.

Auto Chess tips No.1: Learn about the races and classes

There are 55 pieces to choose from in Auto Chess Mobile, each with their own stats and unique abilities. Most players focus on race and class synergies more than anything else, which is fine, up to a point. If you want to create deeper strategies, though, you have to get familiar with each hero. Find out more here in Auto Chess Units: a brief introduction

auto chess mobile units

Auto Chess tips No.2: Save your gold at the beginning

A strong early-stage helps you have a good mood at the beginning, but to win the game, you need to think the whole image. Especially regarding your economy. It is not wise to spend your gold on some unnecessary act. For example,  to get better pieces, you may choose to roll at the beginning. But, to tell the truth,  rolling in early rounds (say before level 6) can be a waste. You have better ways to spend your gold. You will need that gold for purchasing pieces, both for your board but also for your hand (Fill Your Reserve). Furthermore, unlike purchasing pieces (which you can refund), rolling is a sunk cost. Once you spend it it’s gone. Instead, put that gold into building your economy.

Auto Chess tips No.3: Keep an eye on your opponents

auto chess tips

Keep it in mind that the game is never a Stand-alone game. No matter how your build is strong, your opponent may just have the build to counter yours. Similarly, if you have less 3 stars than another player, maybe it’s your best move to switch to a count build instead of trying to build the same. Keep watching others during your fight. It’s never too late to change. No doubt, the premise that you can make the right call is that you are aware of the condition of others.

Auto Chess tips No.4: Find good timing

Timing is crucial in Auto Chess, like any other games and you know that. So in some way, this is the most common tip for Auto Chess.

The first issue in this topic is that sometimes, using your fingers on the tiny screen of your phone takes time and may cause errors. For better gaming experience, it is recommended to Play Auto Chess on PC.

Auto Chess tips

Besides, when discussing this subject of Auto Chess, it refers to the timing of Level up, sell your pieces and change strategy.

Early levels will give your team a considerable boost in fighting power. This is because an additional piece carries more weight when you have limited pieces on your board. Furthermore, early levels require less EXP to level up. Players therefore often choose to level up in round 5 where they can get to level 5 with a single purchase. Then at round 9 where they can reach level 6, again with a single purchase of EXP.

Note: On round 5 you will be at Level 4 with 0 EXP. On round 9 you will be at Level 5 with 4 EXP.

At the same time, Auto Chess does have an RNG element. Sometimes you just don’t roll the pieces you want (Or opponents take what you need). This will become even more important as the game adds more pieces to the pool. In an extreme case, you will be better off changing your strategy than competing against multiple players for the same pieces. Being able to play with the hand you are dealt with will help increase your average performance.

Auto Chess tips No.5: Fight Fight Fight

If you do end up on low health which allows others to finish you in two rounds. Its time to spend all your savings. Roll like crazy, upgrade your hero, do whatever you can to stay in the game … and hope that you aren’t next on the chopping block. Sometimes you know you can’t win, in that scenario just try to get the highest rank possible.

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