Auto Chess Units: a brief introduction

Auto Chess Mobile is the mobile version of Dota Auto Chess. Although the two games are the work of the same studio. The units of Auto Chess Mobile are kind of different from their original units. On the one hand, the mobile version cannot use the characters of the original because of copyright concerns. On the other hand, the studio added some new Auto Chess Mobile Units to make the mobile version distinct from the PC version. Find more useful Auto Chess tips.

Auto Chess Mobile

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Auto Chess Units: Races and Classes

One different thing of Auto Chess Mobile is that the characters in the game are divided into two different categories: Race and Class. Since the game is basically based on the connection between races and classes, it is crucial to have a good understanding of both categories. Different combinations of races and classes will cause different effects.

Races in Auto Chess Mobile:

Below are the races and their properties of the Auto Chess Mobile Units:

  • Goblins: Having a minimum of 3 goblins on the board grants a random ally armor and HP regen buffs.
  • Spirits: When deploying at least 2 spirits, every spirit on the board has a chance to petrify the enemy on attacks.
  • Marine: Using at least two of these units grants all other marina pieces increased magic resistance.
  • Egersis: Having at least 2 of these on the board will decrease the armor of all enemies.
  • Dwarf: If you add at least one dwarf to your formation, your attack range increases by 2 grids.
  • Beast: Having at least 2 of these on the board increases the attack of all your allies, including non-beasts and summoned creatures.
  • Human: Deploying at least 2 of these pieces on the board gives all humans a chance to silence their enemies on every attack, preventing them from using their skills.
  • Dragon: Adding 3 of these units on the board makes all allied dragons start the battle with 100 mana, allowing them to unleash their skills immediately.
  • Cave Clan: Having at least 2 units of this class gives all other cave clan members an HP boost.
  • Feathered: Stacking at least 3 of these units grants all feathered pieces a chance to evade enemy attacks.
  • Glacier Clan: Having 2 of these units grants allied glacier clans an attack speed buff. Having 4 grants the buff to the entire team.
  • Demon: You don’t need to stack this race to receive their bonus, however, if you have more than one, the bonus is nullified. In this sense, having only one demon on the board will grant the unit an extra 50% damage as pure damage, which is not reduced by armor.
  • Kira: Like demons, you don’t need to stack Kira to receive their bonuses. By adding one of these to the board, all allied units will receive a 10% HP buff.

Wanna have a better look at the races? Check all Auto Chess Mobile units on PC:

auto chess mobile units

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Classes in Auto Chess Mobile:

  • Hunter: Having at least 3 of these on the board gives all hunters an attack boost, as well as a chance for their attacks to go through the enemy evasion.
  • Assassin: When using at least 3 assassins, all friendly assassins gain an increased critical chance.
  • Warrior: Stacking at least 3 of these on your formation gives all allied warriors an armor buff.
  • Mech: With at least 2 mechs on the board, every mech on the field gains an HP regen buff.
  • Warlock: Stacking at least 3 Warlocks on the team gives all allied units a life-steal buff.
  • Mage: Using at least 3 mages will significantly decrease the enemy’s magic resistance.
  • Druid: These units have reduced combination costs, only costing 2 of the same pieces to combine into a piece of higher rank, instead of the usual 3.
  • Knight: When having at least 2 knights in the field, every knight has a 30% chance every 3 seconds to deploy a protective shield.
  • Shaman: When you have at least 2 shamans on your time, a random enemy gets hexed every 6 seconds, preventing them from taking any action.

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