Brawl Stars on PC Trophy Thieves Guide and Tips

Trophy Thieves is a 3v3 game mode in Brawl Stars, a rendition of the Brawlidays themed event Present Plunder. It is the Brawl Stars version of Capture the flag. The aim is to pick the enemy’s trophy and bring it back to the player’s base while defending their trophy. The team which scores twice first wins. In case both the teams are on the same score at the end of normal time, which lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the match moves into overtime of 1 minute. It is a well-known fact that the picks in any game mode are dependent upon the map. In this Brawl Stars Trophy Thieves guide, we will take a look at the best brawlers for this game mode. We would also share some tips and tricks that will help you excel in this game mode.

In coordination with the other game modes launched in Season 7, Trophy Thieves also brings with it a quest. This quest will give players one thousand tokens after winning 10 games. Like the previous seasonal game modes of Jurassic Splash, Trophy Thieves will be available for one week. It’ll then be replaced by another mode in the rotation.

Brawl Stars Trophy Thieves Guide: Tips and Tricks

Brawl Stars Trophy Thieves Guide
Pass the trophies when low! (Image by Brawl Stars)
  • While approaching the enemy’s base, a close look at the enemy’s movement has to kept. This is to ensure that none of them can sneak. In the worst-case scenario, one must make sure that not all of the teammates do rush back. Instead, try to kill the enemy as they would also try to score. The trophy must be protected when it falls down. The enemy also should not be able to touch the trophy, to reset the cooldown.
  • One of the most underrated tips is to pass the trophy especially when on low health, instead of trying to take it all the way from the enemy’s base to his own base. This ensures that the enemy is kept in check. If possible, one must team wipe them after scoring. Therefore, one can instantly pick up the next trophy.
  • One must always split up and try to corner the enemy. This should be done instead of clumping up. It must be ensured that no one should stay back to defend your spawn if no enemy is near it. Teammates needed to be helped as enemy will make a effort to steal a present instead. In other words, the team must control the middle.

Brawl Stars Trophy Thieves Guide: Top 5 Brawlers


Jessie is a control brawler. She will help in stopping the enemies from pushing towards your base. Her gadget Spark plug is really helpful in stopping enemies from taking away the trophy as well as slowing them down so that your teammates can swoop in to pass the trophy. On open maps, she can use her range while in closed situations, her bounce is helpful making her a top-5 pick.


With tanks being in the meta and some of the maps having a lot of walls, Nita acts as a great counter to them. Also with her bear Bruce, she can control the middle of the map. She is a great aggro brawler and provides support to the brawler in stealing the trophy. For her gadget, it is suggested to use Faux Fur along with the star power, allowing her to keep the bear longer on the field.


Another great brawler to counter tanks, Emz provides insane control in tight lanes. With her super, she can keep the enemies in check even from behind the walls. Her star power Hype provides insane value. This allows her to be aggressive and stay in the fight longer. The gadget gives her knockback ability.


The balance changes have shifted the meta towards the tanks. Thus, El Primo has become a force to reckon with. His super is perfect for getting to even a heavily defended trophy. He can then throw it to nearby teammates before getting defeated. El Primo’s Meteor Rush Star Power grants him extra speed over his already very fast movement speed. This allows him to run away with the trophy. His knockback mechanic is great for defense. He can also stun the enemy, making them drop the trophy. Both his gadgets are viable, although, on maps where the wall is right in front of the enemy area, Asteroid Belt provides better value.


One of the most mobile brawlers in the game, Stu comes with a strong attack. Stu can dash in onto the enemy trophy. It can quickly pass to an ally to score. He can get his Super incredibly quickly due to his one-hit Supercharge rate.

His new gadget grants the ability to break the walls. This allows the player to pick the trophy directly, instead of walking around walls. Both his star powers are viable. If there is a wall break already in the team, his other gadget comes in handy.

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