LAN(Bridge Connection) Setup

#How to setup LAN or bridge connection in Android Emulator?#

Considering some users might want to play a game in a LAN with multiple MEmu instances, here are the tips about how to set up a bridge connection.

Assume you have installed MEmu into D:\Program Files\Microvirt

1. Enter into MEmuHyperv\ folder and run NetFltInstall.exe with admin privileges. This step is to install the driver of the network bridge, which is not installed by default. For a few Windows 10 system, this driver might not be able to be installed properly (known issue).

2. Stay at the same folder, run MemuHyerv.exe also with admin privileges.

3. Select the target MEmu instance, click Settings and then Network, select Adapter 2 (Adapter 1 is configured as NAT by default), change it to Bridge Adapter and a certain Ethernet Connection as shown below.

4. Save and restart. Ready to go with bridge connection now.


#How to setup LAN in Win10#

This method was contributed by Kevin Op ‘t Landt and verified by some other friends. Many thanks!

By the way,  if you need the MEmuHyperV Tool, please get it from here.

————- Step by Step ————

1. Go to “Device Manager”, click on “Network Adapter”, click on “Action” and then on “Add legacy hardware”.
2. Click “Next” and pick “Advanced” option and then pick “Network Adapter” from the list and click “Next”.
3. Click on “Have Disk” and click on “Browse” and go to C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmuHyperv.
4. Select “MEmuNetAdp.inf” and click “Open” and “OK”.
5. Click “Next” twice and let it install and then click “Finish”.
6. Go to “Network and Sharing Center” and click on “Change adapter settings”.
7. Select your Ethernet Adapter and the MemuHyperV Host-Only Ethernet Adapter and right-click and pick “Bridge Connections”.
8. Open “MemuHyperv.exe” and go to “Settings -> Network”.
9. Adapter 1 = NAT; Adapter 2 = Host-only Adapter -> Name: MemuHyperv Host-Only Ethernet Adapter
10. Open MEmu and check your IP with ES File Explorer. To check your IP go to Remote Manager and start it.
11. Your IP should be in the same address range as your PC’s IP. If not turn the WiFI from MEmu off and on again and/or disconnect from the WiFi in MEmu and reconnect.


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