Arknights Guide: How to combat

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This post is a guide of Arknights for those newbies. Below I will explain the basic knowledge of the game.

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Arknights Guide: Understand the basic info

As a TD(Tower Defense) game, the goal of a match is to prevent the enemies from breaching our defense. The amount of enemies and their route is settled. Also, there will be notices about the kind and route of the enemies.

arknights guide

In the picture above. We can find different info about this match. The number of enemies, The respawns point of the enemies. The route that they will attack our base, etc. For example, in the pic, the number 0/5 means that there are 5 enemies and none of them has appeared. The number 1 beside the tower indicates that if 1 enemy breaks our defense and enter our base, the mission will fail.

Of course, you can accelerate the game if you find it easy. At the same time, you can pause it when you need some time to think.

arknights guide

In another Arknights guide picture, we can see that the operators(defenders) can be placed only in the green area. There are two kinds of operators: Short-range and Long-range. The short-range operators can be only placed on the ground. The long-range ops belong to the higher positions.

Arknights guide: Tips and tricks

arknights guide

  • Try not to exit the game in the middle. This will cost your concentration without getting a full refund. If you are not ready for the battle, think twice before starting it.
  • Pause the game if you need some time. When you deploying your operators, the game will not pause. The enemies keep attacking. This is very dangerous for you.
  • Play Arknights on PC. Using a mouse to control will help you a lot. Bigger screen, better visual effects. All can help you out in a tough fight.
  • Don’t hesitate to fall back the previous op. For different stages of a game, different ops can have different impacts.
  • Believe, use the tips in this Arknights guide properly, you will get your missions accomplished.